Friday, November 30, 2007

Global semiconductor rankings

Alas - sad news for AMD and good news for Intel. iSuppli released it's preliminary results of the world's largest semiconductor companies and Intel outgrew the industry with 7.7% growth while AMD declined by 22.7% and also dropped out the top 10 after being in there for just one year.

This is yet another catalyst for a change at the top at AMD. Hector was apparently in Bangalore opening a new R&D centre. If I were him, I would be making sales calls 24x7 on his biggest customers.

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Anonymous said...

The press release on the Bangalore R&D site says it is 52,000 ft2.

This is not especially large, really, the factory I work at where we have a gross employment of 300, is about 100,000 ft2.

This facility, in relation to the size of AMD overall is pretty insignificant, don't you think?