Thursday, November 22, 2007

AMD stock south of $11

I'm going to say I told you so...because I did.

Now I'm not trying to gloat even though it's gratifying to be right. However, the problem here is AMD continues to pile on the debt and dilute shareholder value/equity as Hector blindly chases 30% market share in a bid to topple Intel.

The wise man would run away to fight again another day. But Hector is not behaving wisely at all. And it is a matter of time before he is no longer the man in charge. First they'll replace his CEO responsibilities with Dirk Meyer. And then they will quietly ease him out a few months later. And this is going to happen within a couple of months. Specially if Hector cannot deliver a kick @$$ Q4 coupled with a stroke of genius in terms of their asset lite strategy.


Roborat, Ph.D said...

I'm going to say I told you so...because I did.

good call!

Although, it's a bit hard to gloat when the naysayers are hiding under a rock.

Anonymous said...

What's Hector going to deliver, if not another losing quarter for AMD?

Please, someone tell us?

Where is the asset lite plan?
Where are the compelling products?

Perhaps there will be a delivery of another lawsuit, more whining, complaining, and finger pointing at others except at the obvious self.

Looks like the farm's been bet but no one bothered to check to find the animals, crops, and know-how had slipped out the backdoor.

S said...

AMD is where it belongs! All of AMDs products today only compete on price. Even that, only because Intel has stopped tightening the pricing screw.