Tuesday, December 11, 2007

AMD - thermal consumption heading north

Read this - pretty self explanatory and not too shocking. After all why change from TDP to ACP after so many years. It's just deceptive marketing to hide the truth about a sad product line up.

In further evidence of their "head in the sand syndrome" - they hired a new high level VP when one would think they should be cutting costs till they stage some kind of recovery.

AMD is going down...


Chuckula said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah,
AMD's products suck.... but on a much more important note, I've discovered that using repeated iterations of Google Translation services I can actually make that idiot Sharikou make sense!

For example here is his latest post:
The OLPC is one of the greatest innovations in human history. Look at these happy school kids in Uruguay, they will grow up smarter with AMD64 (with Opteron as server platform) and Linux, they will learn coding in Python and other languages.

Some idiots say why not give them $200 worth of bread, instead of a $200 laptop. This is like asking why spend money on public schools -- the money spent on each kid is enough to feed a person from childhood to death. Do the math, if a public school spends $5000 on a kid a year, that is enough money to buy 5000 pounds of junk food to feed a kid for 10 years.

Blah Blah Blah

But here's what happens after going through most of the languages in the Google Translation toolkit:

Nigeria received the Nobel Peace Prize award

Olpc is one of the largest, and the history of technology innovation. These students are willing to see that Uruguay, and more efficient growth in Linux adoption amd64 (opteron server platforms), and, other coding language of the Snake River.

There are several possible reasons, meaning bread, 200 yuan more than 200 yuan does not insult adviser. Therefore, we must spend money to public schools for all children to have enough food expenditure as a child of a person's death. If the answer is negative to the players, public schools spend 5000 dollars, for this year's children, and this is not enough, and there is talk money for the purchase of children are being denied food, feed and 10.

I can finally understand Sharikou's brilliance!

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